Debt management plans are for couples and for single people.


You don’t need to be married to start a joint debt plan. If you both have debt worries, joint debt management may help.


How Does a Joint Debt Management Plan Work?


An adviser records your incomes and your costs. They work out if you have any surplus income. You cover your costs - surplus income is the money left over.


We contact each of your creditors. We give them your income and spending details. They can see that you're paying what you can afford. Creditors’ owed larger sums money get a larger payment.


A review takes place each year. This is to check your payment remains fair. You can contact us at any time if something has changed.


Do You Have To Have Joint Debts?


No. The debts can be in either of your names (or joint).


All of your included debts come into this single plan.


Must Couples Have A Joint Plan?


No. You can each set-up your own plan if you prefer.


You can each set-up a different type of debt solution. One person might use debt management and the other an IVA. Our adviser will explain the best debt solution for each of you. This may be different to the best joint option.


Using different debt solutions can bring benefits. One of you may be able to become debt-free sooner. You may reduce the total cost.


If You Split-Up


If you split during your joint DMP, a review should take place. You'll each need your own new advice.


You may be advised to enter your own debt management plan. You may be advised to switch to a different debt solution. Your agreed payment amount is subject to change.




Joint debt management plans are common. They can solve family money worries.


Joint plans are flexible. If your income or costs change, so can the plan. If you split, you can each switch to a new plan.


They can help couples to manage their money better. You can work as a team to budget and plan.


Other debt solutions may protect you better. Lenders don't have to stop charging interest. They don't have to stop their debt collection process. Other options can protect you from interest costs and legal action.


With large debts, joint debt management might last too long. It might be better to each choose different debt solutions.


Our advisers can help you to choose a good debt solution. We'll give joint and personal advice. Get in touch today for expert advice and support.

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