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No Set-Up Fees Or Charges For New Debt Management Plans - 13th August 2014

Why Personal Insolvency Is Increasing During Economic Recovery - 4th August 2014

Insurance Comparison Websites Criticized By The FCA - 21st July 2014

Is That Debt Collection Agency Calling You Actually Your Bank? - 14th July 2014

Buying A Car? Beware Of Logbook Loans - 24th June 2014

RBS & Lloyds Remove Basic Account Cash Machine Restrictions - 16th June 2014

Are You An Ostrich When It Comes To Debt? - 11th June 2014

Advertising of Debt Management Plans In The Spotlight - 30th May 2014

Should You Remortgage To Consolidate Your Debts? - 20th May 2014

Cheque Centre Stops Providing Payday Loans - 13th May 2014

The Price That Children Pay For Their Parent’s Debts - 8th May 2014

Don’t Throw Out The Baby With The Bathwater - 30th April 2014

Current Account Overdrafts Under The Spotlight - 15th April 2014

FCA Takes Over Debt Management Regulation - 7th April 2014

Personal Insolvency Arrangements In Ireland - 20th March 2014

Negative Equity As Part Of A Wider Debt Management Problem - 3rd March 2014

The Cost Of A Poor Credit Rating - 24th February 2014

Can You Include A Logbook Loan In A Debt Management Plan? - 17th February 2014

Getting Mortgages During A Debt Management Plan - 10th February 2014

Does Debt Make People Unwell? - 3rd February 2014

Personal Debt Problems Growing In Wales - 27th January 2014

Insolvency Practitioner Body R3 Calls For Personal Insolvency Change - 20th January 2014

Different Experiences Of Debt And Debt Relief - 14th January 2014

New Year Begins With Personal Debt Fears - 6th January 2014

Tackling Debt Problems In The New Year - 10th December 2013

Which Parts Of The UK Are Struggling Most With Personal Debts? - 4th December 2013

Mortgage And Rent Arrears Are Falling - 25th November 2013

Housing Costs Reach Unaffordable Levels For Many - 13th November 2013

Insolvency Service Announces Debt Management Plan Protocol - 6th November 2013

Switching Your Bank Account Before A Debt Management Plan - 22nd October 2013

Regulators Close Three Debt Management Companies - 22nd October 2013

Collapsed Debt Management Company Loses Client’s Cash - 14th October 2013

Protection Of Debt Management Plan Client Accounts - 8th October 2013

Bright Oak Becomes DMP Protocol Approved - 4th October 2013

Consequences Of The Bedroom Tax - 23rd September 2013

Barclays Errors Will Result In £100m Of Repayments - 18th September 2013

Debt Settlement Arrangements in Ireland - 12th September 2013

Can Being In Debt Reduce Your Intelligence? - 3rd September 2013

Just Another Mis-Selling Scandal - 29th August 2013

Real Wage Decline In The UK - 12th August 2013

Debt Management In Ireland - 7th August 2013

Half Of British Adults Are “Living On The Edge” - 2nd August 2013

Bank Account Access For Bankrupts - 23rd July 2013

The Upcoming Debt Management Protocol - 16th July 2013

Household Disposable Incomes And Debts Are Increasing - 10th July 2013

Changes To Debt Arrangement Scheme - 3rd July 2013

The Threat On The Horizon - 26th June 2013

Debt Management And The Money Advice Service - 24th June 2013

Payday Loan Problems Increase In Wales - 10th June 2013

When Should You Stop Paying Your Creditors - 4th June 2013

Short Guide To A Debt Management Plan - 7th May 2013

Guarantor Loans And Debt Management Plans - 29th April 2013

Complaining About A Debt Management Plan - 15th April 2013

UK Personal Debt Levels Are Still Sky High - 25th March 2013

HMRC May Issue More Charging Orders For Tax Debts - 22nd March 2013

Text Messages About Debt Management Plans - 19th March 2013

Putting Payday Loans Into A Debt Management Plan - 12th March 2013

New Rules For Protected Trust Deeds In Scotland - 11th March 2013

Customer or Sales Prospect? - 5th March 2013

Savings And Your Debt Management Plan - 26th February 2013

More Companies Report To The Credit Reference Agencies - 25th February 2013

Analysis Confirms Vulnerability Of Self-Employed To Debt - 20th February 2013

Scottish Debt Arrangement Scheme To Be Further Improved - 19th February 2013

Getting Debt Advice From Your Bank - 13th February 2013

Pension Liberation - 11th February 2013

The Harsh Irony Of Bankruptcy Fees - 6th February 2013

Finding The Right Bank Account During A Debt Solution - 4th February 2013

Can Your Credit Card Limit Be Reduced Without Notice? - 30th January 2013

Packaged Bank Account Claims - 28th January 2013

Self-Employed With Tax Debts? - 28th January 2013



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