Police Officers and Debt


Police officers are exposed to personal debt problems for a variety of reasons.


Work injuries, divorce, and separation often result in debt and police officers are especially exposed to such events. Debt might also arise from bad luck or poor household budgeting.


The good news is that police officers can use the same debt solutions as everyone else.


However, you may need to disclose certain types of events to protect your employment. It’s also important that you get debt advice quickly to prevent matters from getting worse.


We’ve helped police officers to deal with their debts since 2007 and have successfully operated debt management plans for many of them. We’ve also met with Police Federation and Welfare staff in the past to build-up our specialist police debt advice understanding.


Accessing Debt Advice


Employer Risk Control


Due to the vital and unique nature of your work, your employer has to control risks. Personal debt problems create two main risks for police services.


The risk first is that you become vulnerable financially and therefore at increased risk of corrupt activity.


This risk can be reduced by disclosing the issue to your employer and by dealing with the debt problem itself.


The second risk is that it may affect the quality of your work. Debt problems cause stress and can affect your mental and physical health.


This risk can be controlled and reduced by putting support in place as well as an effective debt solution. Dealing with your debt benefits you and your employer.


Disclosure Requirements


We've advised that any police officer plans to enter a personal insolvency process require employer disclosure in advance.


Personal insolvency processes include an IVA, bankruptcy, or a debt relief order. In Scotland personal insolvency processes include either a protected trust deed or sequestration (bankruptcy).


We've also advised that any legal debt enforcement action should be disclosed to your employer. This might include a County Court Judgment (CCJ) or a Decree in Scotland.


Some police forces have produced “disclosable” or “unmanageable” debt procedures.  They apply their own staff and vary from force to force.


You can read the disclosable or unmanageable debt procedures for Nottinghamshire and North Wales Constabularies online. Other forces have similar but unpublished procedures that police officers can request and review.


Disclosable matters are likely to include:


• Can’t repay debts from income

• Bankruptcy


• Debt Relief Order

• CCJ (Decree)

• Debt management plan


If any of the above issues apply to you, a disclosure to Professional Standards may be necessary.


Disclosure is a chance to demonstrate integrity and honesty. Any failure to disclose could become a disciplinary matter in the future.


Recruitment Vetting


Debt Management Options for Police Officers


You should be able to access any of the UK’s main debt solutions. These solutions include…


Debt Management Plans


IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)


An IVA is an alternative to bankruptcy.


Your creditors are asked to agree to a reduced repayment which will last for an agreed period of time (five years is common). Once completed, any unpaid debt gets written-off.


An IVA may help with larger debt totals. You will have legal protection from your creditors.


Homeowners often use an IVA because they treat assets more flexibly than bankruptcy. If you have equity in your home some additional IVA requirements may apply.




Debt Relief Order

Debt Consolidation Borrowing

Scottish Police Officers

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